Of course things will be a bit different this year. For Michaelmas term we will hold all our talks online; this has the disadvantage (among other things) of not being able to invite the speakers to formal and hence create more of an experience for them, however it has the advantage of easily hosting speakers from all over the world. We have certainly made the most of this fact and we hope it will make the termcard even more special!

We have carried out a risk assessment, for those who want to see how we are adapting, which is available to view here. We also hope to try out an in-person social event outdoors, where distancing and other guidelines can be followed easily. Please see our termcard for more details.

Remember, while you may not see the committee in person much for now, our inboxes are always open for anything you’d like to talk about – whether this is feedback for Stokes, general STEM queries, or just for a friendly chat!