Our talks are usually held in Pembroke College’s Nihon Room.

Getting to the Nihon Room

Enter the college via the main gate on Trumpington Street, which is adjacent to the porter’s lodge. The porters will be happy to assist you should you get lost. The other entrances will most likely be locked by the time the talk begins.

The Nihon Room is in Foundress Court, which is on the top right of the map below. Enter via the door labelled AA. The Nihon Room is through the first door on your right.

Getting to N7

Occasionally, if there is another event going on in the Nihon Room, we use N7 instead. Enter via the door marked N on the left side of the map, and then go through the next set of doors straight in front of you. Turn right and go up the staircase on your left. Turn left again, and go up the steps. N7 is the room on your right.

Getting to Pembroke College

The college’s web site has a map showing the location of the college within Cambridge.